Nature Yoga Ayurveda

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“Health is the greatest gift,

Contentment is the greatest wealth”

Buddha, Dhammapada verse 204

Yoga and meditation classes, ayurvedic wellness care

One day, while meditating by a river, Siddharta, the future Buddha, heard a lute player teaching his pupil how to tune his instrument : «if the strings are too tight, they will break, but if they are too loose, they won’t produce any sound » said the professor. Siddharta then realized that the middle path, which avoids extremes, is the path to be taken to find happiness.

Likewise, yoga, ayurveda and naturopathy are teaching us how to maintain our personal balance in order to stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy, and offer solutions to restore our balance when it is lost.

Nature Yoga Ayurveda is an invitation to discover these holistic ancestral traditions and experience the wellbeing coming from a genuine harmony between our body and our mind. Integrated into a healthy lifestyle, the practices and cares allow us to reconnect with our body, to balance our weight, to find a better sleep, to reduce the negative effects of stress, to slow down the effects of aging, to prolong the youth and vitality, and to experience inner calm and serenity.