Wellness massages

Ayurvedic wellness massage

Ayurvedic massage abhyanga is a thousand-year-old traditional practice. It is a genuine holistic well-being treatment which acts deep down on the physical, mental and emotional spheres. It is practiced in the traditional Indian clinics as part of ayurvedic cures -such as the famous panchakarma– which aim is to eliminate the excess doshas -life forces- and ama – the toxins- from the body. The whole body is massaged from head to toes with warm oil, specifically chosen according to the prakruti, or body constitution. The warm oil penetrates the tissues in depth with kneading movements, long effleurage strokes, acupressure on marma points -sensitive connecting spots of muscles, ligaments, tendons, veins, joints, bones- the life force prana is stimulated, the flow of the bodily fluids is activated and the toxins are led towards the organs responsible for elimination.

Included on a regular basis in a healthy lifestyle, abhyanga ayurvedic massage offers numerous benefits :

Reduces pain and physical tension

Reduces stress and improve sleep

Preserves and regenerates the youth of the face and the body

Nourishes the skin, makes it soft and smooth with  a beautiful shine

Improves blood and lymphatic circulation

Soothes and stimulates the nervous system

Tones and relaxes the muscles, lubricates and relaxes the joints

Improves the digestion and detoxifies the body by activating the elimination of metabolic waste

Increases resistance to diseases by improving the immune response

Decreases the stagnation of fluids in the tissues and reduces the swollen tissues, which can reduce cellulite and orange peel effect

Traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage should not be practiced in the following cases (contraindications) :

After a meal (wait 2 hours)

The first days of the menstrual cycle

In case of inflammation or infection

In case of serious illness with treatment

In case of injuries or if the skin has open sores

Prices :

  • Ayurvedic abhyanga massage, traditional Indian full body treatment with warm oil 75 min – 100€
  • Ayurvedic massage 30 min – 50€
    • Back, shoulders, arms and hands / legs and feet
    • Head, neck and shoulders / face, neckline, head and neck

Wellness customised massage

Tailor-made treatment adapted to your current needs : you choose the rhythm of the massage, which can be calming and soothing, or rather stimulating and energizing, the intensity of the pressure (soft, medium, strong) and the areas you want me to insist on (head, upper back, legs, etc.), as well as the scent of the massage oil. I use different massage techniques (Californian, Swedish, shiatsu, lomi lomi, Ayurvedic…) in order to achieve a unique 100% individualized treatment.

  • Full body customised massage 90 min – 110€
  • Full body customised massage 60 min – 80€
  • Customised massage 30 min – 50€

Wellness aromatic massage

A special ritual with 100% local products designed to bring a deep rest to the mind and the body and relaxation from head to toe. A massage with sweet almond oil and aromatic plants from Provence (lavender, lavandin, lime blossom and pine) which soothes, regenerates and brings deep muscle relaxation thanks to the alternation of stretching, kneading and friction. An immersion in the heart of Provençal nature which rejuvenates and revitalizes.

  • Full body aromatic massage 90 min – 110€
  • Full body aromatic massage 60 min – 80€

Herbal facial treatments

Ayurvedic herbal facial treatment

Ayurvedic massages and facials are genuine beauty secrets which preserve the radiance of the complexion and the youthfulness of the face. They detoxify the skin by activating blood and lymphatic circulation, nourishing, toning, smoothing and firming it. They also have relaxing virtues, by soothing facial muscle tension. Included on a regular basis in a healthy lifestyle, ayurvedic face care and face massages smooth and contour the features, tighten the pores, reduce acne and its cicatrices.

Ayurvedic facial treatments are made with 100% natural products (flower water, honey, Ayurvedic plant powders, Indian clay, etc.) and are adapted to your skin type (oily or combination skin with imperfections, normal skin, dry or mature skin). Each treatment includes a cleansing, a massage, a steaming, a scrub, a mask, a tonic and a serum .

  • Ayurvedic herbal facial treatment 60 min – 80€

Aromatic herbal facial treatment

A gentle facial treatment for all kind of skin with Provence naturals treasurs : almond, honey, lavender…. The treatment begins with a shower of Provençal aromatic plant water, continues with skin cleansing followed by an exfoliation, the application of a mask, a massage of the head, neck, décolleté and shoulders, an application of a tonic and a day cream. This beauty ritual purifies, regenerates, nourishes, hydrates, softens the skin while providing deep relaxation for the whole body and mind thanks to the relaxing properties of aromatic plants.

  • Ayurvedic herbal facial treatment 60 min – 80€